The Guardian (1990.)

Nakon zlatnih osamdesetih dolaze Scream devedesete
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The Guardian (1990.)

Post by remike2 » 01 Jul 2010, 11:23

O filmu:
The Guardian is a 1990 American horror film directed by William Friedkin and starring Jenny Seagrove, Dwier Brown and Carey Lowell. A cable television version of the film was credited to "Alan Von Smithee", indicating that Friedkin wished to disassociate himself from its release. This ended up as Friedkin's last film not to be distributed by Paramount Pictures until 2007's Bug, distributed by Lionsgate.

Glumačka postava:
Jenny Seagrove
Dwier Brown
Carey Lowell
Brad Hall
Miguel Ferrer

Alan and Molly Sheridan have a baby boy named Jake. They hire a baby-sitter, Camilla, to look after Jake and she becomes part of the family. The Sheridan's friend and neighbour, Phil, takes a liking to Camilla and asks her out. She refuses, but Phil follows her and discovers that she is not quite human. Camilla discovers that she has been followed and Phil is pursued. He leaves a desperate message for Alan and Molly which reveals that Camilla has special plans for baby Jake.


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Re: The Guardian (1990.)

Post by John_Ryder » 01 Jul 2010, 11:38

pogledao prije jedno 6 godina,jedan od dražih horora,preporuka svima


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Re: The Guardian (1990.)

Post by Ghrall » 01 Jul 2010, 11:48

Je odličan je film. Također preporučam.

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Re: The Guardian (1990.)

Post by john_constantine » 01 Jul 2010, 20:19

ha, jedna od najvećih trash ostvarenja 90 - tih. :mrgreen: Završnica je krvava koliko je blesava.
Michel puši karu.

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Re: The Guardian (1990.)

Post by Asfodel » 01 Jul 2010, 20:43

Nije mi baš bio tooliko orgazmičan..
I mean, a few little tiny murders and everyone just freaks out

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Re: The Guardian (1990.)

Post by RocknRolla81 » 17 Aug 2017, 16:31

Camilla, she still scares the shit out of me! :D

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